Kitchen Display System

A Kitchen Display System empowers your chef’s and kitchen staff with a wealth of information to better manage table and takeaway orders as they come in.

Process orders more efficiently, save printing costs and improve customer satisfaction.


Telephone & Online Ordering

When integrated with your telephone line and our online ordering system; we can offer a streamlined process for managing collection and delivery orders over the phone and via your website.

With the touch of a button pull up customer’s details before even answering the phone, view all online orders at a glance and send paid orders automatically to the kitchen for preparation.


Head Office Management

Our comprehensive Enterprise solutions enable your head office staff to take full control of your entire operations remotely; manage branches, users, stock, menu changes, offers, discounts, marketing campaigns, advanced reports, and view live sales data from anywhere with an internet connection.

You can choose to schedule or make changes at once across all branches or select individual branches that may have unique offerings or that you may want to operate differently.


Graphical Table Management

At a glance; see all tables that are available, occupied or ready to pay to manage your seating efficiently with our Graphical Table Manager.

View and control different sections and floors fluidly with intuitive colour codes to notify the status of a table.

Integrated with our table booking system you can have further control of your seating visually with automated solutions to maximise efficiency.


Table Bookings

Table bookings give you total control over your reservations whether it is a walk-in customer or an online booking. Our smart table configuration tools allow automatic management of your reservations and availability of tables, booking time slots and cancellations.


Multi-site Management

Our Enterprise Multi-site features give you the ability to control your entire estate located anywhere around the world.

See live sales and reports, make changes to settings, menus, products and prices live or schedule for future dates on either individual sites, groups of sites or across your entire sites.


Point of Sale System

The user-interface is simple yet powerful, containing key features that optimise order-taking. The default POS layout has carefully been designed so that cashiers will find operation familiar and easy-to-use, aiding in the transition from an older system. To further supplement this, dedicated buttons that streamline the process of completing sales transactions have been added to the POS, making work easier and more efficient for existing staff members and new hires.

Experience the immediate benefits afforded through specialised features, designed for improved POS speed and convenience. Staff can effortlessly hold multiple sales for a later time, add specific charges to transactions, apply special promotions, view all recent and preceding orders, and more, directly from the point of sale.


Business Reports

The Reports module collects and analyses large amounts of data from across the system, including sales transactions from the POS, customer spending, and supplier purchases, breaking it down into useful and actionable insights.

The advanced level of automation does the hard work for you, displaying only the most useful statistics based on the data it receives, including from the point of sale, inventory and accounting modules, helping you make decisions that drive growth.

Woman uses Aloha software

Ordering Solutions

Speed up tableside order taking with our handheld ordering solutions.

Have the full power of the POS system in your palms with our handheld tablets for a faster and a more efficient order taking process.

POS wireless EPOS handheld devices are one of the modern handheld ordering solutions that lets you easily connect & sync with your EPOS system, making your order taking process quick and easy Scale Integration.

POS can integrate with most digital scale systems on the market to help speed up your sales.


Chip & Pin Payment

Chip & Pin allows you to offer your customers a fast and convenient method of payment for the goods and services you sell. POS offers a fully integrated Chip & Pin solution in partnership with PSConnect and VeriFone payment processing systems.

An integrated solution eliminates human input errors, turns tables faster and makes cash-up hassle free with automatic reconciliation.

Payment standards are changing rapidly and with the rise of mobile and NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies, it has never been easier and more exciting to take part and offer your customers a new experience.

Cashless payments are secure and are a fast method of payment for low value transactions, ideal for businesses that require the quickest payment processing for a fast customer service.


Stock Control

A powerful yet very easy to use stock control manager with real time stock information, costs, and wastage.

Control multiple suppliers, purchasing, and stock transfer between branches, manufacture in-house stock items from other stock items, carry out stock take and adjustments all from one system.

Stock Items – control multiple stock items, how it is purchased and how it is sold. It is possible for each branch to have unique stock items and different suppliers not available to other branches (i.e local producers

Stock Centre – you can have a main stock centre or multiple stock centres in a branch, you can also transfer between one Stock Centre to another

Suppliers – manage unlimited number of suppliers, assign them to stock items and branches with different price points for easy purchasing and cost control

Purchasing & Dispatch – create and issue purchase orders to suppliers or distribution centre (DC), dispatch orders from DC or branch and mark orders as received or part-recieved for accurate stock control

FIFO – First-in First-out (FIFO), the system calculates stock usage and costing based on the oldest available stock first and allocates newer stock and it’s cost accordingly


Product Categories

Create categories and put your products under a certain category by assigning them to it from the main screen.


Product Variation

Create a product with various prices using any combination of variations: small, medium, large or any custom variant using the Product Management Window.


Product Variable and Fix Prices

As well as variation pricing, you can also create a product with a fixed price or even a variable price. A price which users can input during an order from the Product Management Window.